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Do you love your home but want some changes so it fits your needs better? Now its easy to get an addition or remodel designed to compliment and match your existing home seamlessly. Enjoy the home you love even more! Plus get the benefit staying in the same neighborhood and never having to pack or unpack a single box.

Remodeling and Home Additions Take Special Care
You might be surprised to learn that it can be more complex to create design drawings for a remodel or an addition than for a new home. A home remodel or addition requires a thorough understanding of your original home design plus your new requirements and creative design work to blend the two seamlessly. The older your existing structure is the more challenging it can be since building materials, building codes and building practices have changed since your home was built. Even the simple two by four isn’t two by four any more – it’s one and a half by three and a half! You can ensure your home addition or remodel matches seamlessly by using a design firm with years of experience. Designs Unlimited has been designing remodels and additions since 1976.

Your Remodeling or Home Addition Drawings
Your remodeling or home addition drawings are complex and have three audiences
You. You want to ensure the finished remodel or home addition will meet your needs a completely as possible. You rely on your designer to understand your needs then offer suggestions on cost-effective ways to meet them.
Your building department. Your building department wants to know what is there now, what is to be removed and what will be there in the end.
Your builder will use the plans to complete your home’s actual remodel or addition.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling
You’ll be happy to hear that you probably don’t need an architect to create plans for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling because it usually doesn’t involve structural changes. You can often get free drawings from companies that specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We’re happy to recommend reputable companies in the Kent and greater Seattle area.

Simple Steps to Get Design Plans to Remodel or Add To Your Home
Call us for a free consultation at our office.
A designer will visit your home to conduct an assessment. Tell your designer what you’d like to accomplish with your home remodel or addition. We’ll listen to your needs and offer suggestions on ways to accomplish your goals.
You’ll receive a good faith / “not to exceed” estimate.
You’ll receive an initial design concept for approval.
Full measurements are taken.
Your design team creates preliminary plans for your remodel or home addition.
You review the preliminary plans and let us know if you’d like any modifications.
If modifications change the scope of work and fees you will receive a “not to exceed” estimate.
Your drawings for permits and construction are completed.
You apply for construction permits. Designs Unlimited can take care of punch list items, if any, from your building department.
Your contractor completes your homes’ remodel or addition.

Call or contact us today for more information and to arrange a complementary evaluation of your home in the Kent or greater Seattle, Washington area.

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