Stock House Plans

Save Time and Money with Stock House Plans
Stock house plans are a great way to save time and money when you have a home built. You save money in two ways. First, stock plans are less expensive to buy than custom home plans. You also save on building costs because the design is proven – the bugs are nearly eliminated from the design.

Move into Your New Home Sooner
You save time because you can choose your plan and receive it today. If you live in Kent or unincorporated King County of Washington State your plan is already code-compliant. That means you can get your building permit quickly and move into your completed house much sooner. If you live outside Washington State you save money because the plans are not automatically code compliant for your state. You can buy the plans as is then take them to an architect local to where you will build to have them made code compliant. If you wish, we can make the plans code compliant to where you plan to build. Just ask us for a quote.

Save Money With Stock House Plans
A stock house plan is about one-third the cost of a custom design.

Type of Plan Cost per sq ft* Engineering Costs (Additional) 2,000 sq ft home design
Stock Design $0.40-$0.65 $0.30 per sq ft ($1,000 min) $1,800-$2,300
Custom home design $2.50-$3.00 $0.30 per sq ft ($1,000 min) $6,000-$7,000
*For Stock Designs, cost depends on code compliance. Custom design costs depend on total square footage.

When to Consider a Custom Home Design
If you have a high quality lot or your lot has some unique features you may want to consider having a custom home designed. Though initial cost of a custom design is higher the value of a custom designed home is higher, too. You can recoup the custom design investment when you sell the property - especially if the design takes excellent advantage of unique features of your lot.

Check our on-line showroom of over 1000 stock house plans.

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